Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Best Camera Is...

During my photography journey, I have witness huge development in cameras.  Good cameras no longer come in big package.  What DSLR can do, small camera can do as well.  Camera addicts never stop spending on new gears.  Key question here:

Does changing camera improve your photos? YES and NO.  High end cameras are giving photographer bigger chance of shooting possibilities such as faster AF, larger ISO etc.  Unfortunately it will not improve creativity or technical aspect of your photos.  End of the day is the man behind the camera that make a good photo.

Hey, what am I talking here? How can I create a photo without a good camera? Of course NO.  Then what is the best camera then? My answer is simple.  The b
est camera is what you can afford or the camera that you have in hand now.  Many people have forgotten how to take a photo because they are spending too much time following up the latest camera and spend too much of useless time debating the best camera.  They have drifted themselves away from the core of photography.

Alex Majoli (one of a reknown Magnum photographer) burst into the war zone with only a pocket size Olympus camera (only recently he is using Leica) and come back with stunning shots.  Camera is only a tool to deliver what a photographer want to show.  Ingredient of a photo consist of 10% camera, 90% photographer.  

I have sold off all my Canon gears and only left with Fujifilm X-E2 with kit lens together with iPhone 6Plus.  In the last couple of years, I shoot more than before and I spend less time lurking in camera shops preying on new gears.  

Here's my humble series titled Everyday MRT taken with my iPhone edited in the built in apps.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC Hands On Review

I'm a big fan of wireless bluetooth headphone.  I own Bose QC35 (which is one of the best in the market now) and Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC is my second headphone.   To all audiophiles, Sennheiser no longer need introduction.  So, what is so great about this headphone?

Design of 4.50 is simple, light weight (as light as QC35) but very plastic feel.  Therefore it's very easy to smudged with finger prints even though the surface is not glossy.  However it doesn't impact on the sound quality.  The sound quality is equal or even better than QC35.  As for noise cancelling QC35 is still best in class.  Do take note that not many people like the QC35 noise cancelling effect.  Too strong of noise cancelling can cause uncomfortable to some consumer.

Even though noise cancelling is not as powerful as QC35 but it would not give you any uncomfortable feeling or I would say vacuum feeling.  4.50 offer a balance of everything.  It give above average noise cancelling, comfort, good audio quality, compact folding design and most importantly with an affordable price.  It cost USD199.95 retail price which is far cheaper than other competitors.

It do come with a soft pouch.  Not any of those hard case type but it's good enough to protect it from any scratches.  When you dump in your bag, it won't eat up a lot of space.

Finally, what do I think of Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC? Personally I would RECOMMEND to anyone who is tight on budget but still would like to enjoy a pair of quality headphones.  Do not expect many features on 4.50 as it's very simple and user friendly (QC35 doesn't offer many features as well, why worry?).  The only problem that I observe on 4.50 is for those who got bigger head.  After more than 2 hours wearing it your ears will feel uncomfortable.  Over the time I believe it will accustomed to your head after frequent usage.